1. Happy Earth Day, everyone! 

  2. This is Boxetti Lunch. It is a box created to fold in and out of itself for everything you need in your kitchen. Your fridge, sink, trash can, everything is incorporated in this box. They designers also have created living room, bedroom, tv, and office modules. Simply amazing! 

  3. We love everything about this! 

    (Source: gravity-gravity)

  5. Looking to hide unsightly wires but just have nowhere to go with them? This city-scape seems like a pretty easy way to do it. And voila! Now you have a piece of art too. 

  6. Are you starting to set up your man cave? We’re loving some of the awesome decorations we’re seeing for them! Let us help get you started by calling 708-294-3655 today! 

  7. How do you feel about an in-ground trampoline? We love them! They’re a little sleeker than the traditional ones since they’re just a part of the ground. Probably much safer too, since there could never be a drop to the ground. Would you install one? 

  8. Now that we’re finally looking at some warmer weather ahead, we’re also checking out some really beautiful deck designs. This is currently one of our favorites. Very minimalist but also really comforting at the same time. Relax in the heat on the bed swing without too much sun exposure. Would you like one of these?

  9. Looking for some privacy? This bed has been built right into a closet. This would be neat as a book-nook as well! It can be hidden away as a big closet and open it up for some peaceful reading time. Would you do this? 

  10. CLIENT WANTED! Someone who will allow us to create an amazing wine cellar for them! We found this one on Pinterest and were so mesmerized and inspired to create a similar one. This would have to be any wine-lover’s slice of paradise. How do you feel about it?